Monday, October 20, 2008

ChevronTexaco Loses US Appeal

ChevronTexaco lost its bid for arbitration in New York and it's case that the Republic of Ecuador is solely responsible for the ecological damage created by oil exploration in the Amazon. This is good news for the continuing case in Lago Agrio, which now cannot be derailed by a contradicting US verdict.


Anonymous said...

For additional information and insights into the story described here, visit

*** <3 Jess <3 *** said...

Anyone who could agree with the blsaphemy touted on the above link has clearly never been to Lago Agrio, where oil pollution affects every square inch of land and water.

Please visit instead of believing these absurd and blatant lies.

Brian Pace said...

Wow, didn't see these comments until now. Having worked in the Sucumbios region and visited multiple contaminated sites that date to a time when Texaco was the only oil company operating in Ecuador, I cannot at all except the factually untenable position that Texaco has taken on the above site.

Anonymous said...

You razz a serious point.